Founded in 1952

"To encourage the development of choral singing of large sacred and secular works, and provide solo opportunities for local singers".

First Performance

May 14, 1952
Morris Harvey College Auditorium (now University of Charleston)
Mr. Harold Ewing, Conductor

Free Admission

The policy of free admission began with the first concert, and continues today.


Five Directors have served the Charleston Civic Chorus during its history of more than half a century.

Harold Ewing - 1952-1967
Conrad Eaddy - 1967-1971
M. Wayne Eich - 1971-1981
Dr. J. Truman Dalton - 1981-2016
Dr. Dirk Johnson - 2016-present


Financing is derived from the following sources:

  • Private Contributors
  • Fund for the Arts
  • Chorus members
  • Occasional grants from local foundations, depending on program content
  • Corporate sponsorship of concerts